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Structural Principles in Design

The term structure means anything that is built or constructed with a fixed location. The structure is needed for maintaining the shape and form under the influences of different forces. When designing a structure, there are structural principles to keep in mind.


Forces: The stability and strength of the structure need to be considered. A structural analysis should be done to calculate the effects of forces acting on the structure overall and the components. For example, elements such as the wall, floor, and roof need to remain stationary.


Loads: The structure should be capable of withstanding the most severe combination of forces.


Materials: The effectiveness of the structure will depend on the mechanical properties of the materials from which it was constructed. These properties include elasticity, strength plasticity, brittleness, and hardness.


Structural Members: These are the primary load-bearing components of a building and each has its own structural properties that need to be considered. An example is beams, the horizontal members used to transfer loads to supports.

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