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Residential Building Designs


Nobody Can Give an Exact Estimate Until All the Finite Items of Your Project are Nailed Down.

You have a vision for your home or business for value or comfort.


You know what you want but might not know how to get that message across to multiple contractors.


We specialize in building plans to note all items wanted and to generate a plan for pricing and permits at a very affordable price.

Customers who need help with their building projects
This Approach Saves You Time and Money by Not Having Costly Change Orders After the Project is Started.

Many homeowners go through the burden of calling two or three contractors in hopes of getting apples to apples estimates on their project.

With a quality set of building plans you will have everyone bidding on the exact same items.

And, you will discover that contractors will be more responsive if they know you are serious by having a set of building plans.


This is Where We Come In.

We develop a detailed building plan showing framing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, elevation views and structural loads where needed so that all construction estimates are based upon the same plan and removing the costly guess work.

Blueprints and building plans for remodeling and new home construction
Not All Permits Need a Full Set of Building Plans, But When They Do, We Are the Ones to Call.

Most all construction projects need a building permit wether you have a contractor to perform the work or yourself.


It is the best practice to ensure your project is done accordingly to the recent building codes.

Residential Building Permits in Southern Oregon
Give Us a Call to Set Up an Appointment and Let Your Dream Project Become a Reality.

With your working set of plans and a building permit in hand, production on your project can begin knowing that all the items have been detailed.

The price of a good set of plans is worth every penny in giving you peace of mind and a sound budget for your project.

Residential Remodeling Building Plans in Medford Oregon

Examples of Our Work and References Available Upon Request

© SR Building Plans & Design by Steve Renard

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