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Picking A Contractor

Knowing who to hire can be a frustrating chore. It is not only the price, but the qualification of the contractor that needs to be looked at.

Some questions to ask yourself and the contractor your thinking of hiring.

* Would you trust this person while your away from your home or with your kids? Not saying that all contractors are crooks, but it's something to keep in mind. In some extensive remodeling projects you will be having your contractor coming and going for a few weeks. So make sure you consider this.

* Is your contractor fully licensed and insured? Check out not only his liability insurance but his workers comp insurance and demand to see an updated policy. Accidents happen,, make sure you do not pay for it. Also check out his or her bond to give you options if the work is not done or done right.

*Check reviews and make the call. Just because they have five stars does not mean they really have the five stars.

*The lowest bid is not always the best bid. If they are bidding on a set of plans, make sure that all items on the plans are included. If they are bidding from your sketch or verbal, make sure everything is in writing.

Or future blogs will talk about many other informational items that will help in making your project go smooth.

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