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Stages in the Design Process

There are five distinct phases of architectural design in Medford, Oregon, and some planning and research must be done to start those phases.
Schematic Design: It’s the first step in actually designing the project and it’s the preliminary drawing phase. The client and designer can discuss the project and any requirements.
Design Development: The client and designer will work together to select the materials and the designer will revise any initial drawings based on comments from the first phase.
Construction Documents: Now that the designer and client have settled on a final design, they can begin preparing technical specifications necessary for construction and permits. This is the largest phase and can take up the most work.
Bidding: This is where the owner prepares to select the contractor for the job and signs contracts to begin construction.
Construction Administration: This is the last phase and the longest scheduled phase. Designers will typically not supervise construction but will instead check in periodically.

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