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Building Planning

Principles of Building Planning

The main goal of building planning is to ensure the different components of the building are arranged so that occupants can perform desired functions with comfort and ease. There are different principles of building planning that are kept in mind.
Aspect: This is the arrangement of windows and doors in the external walls of a building.
Prospect: This is a term that is used to highlight the treatment given to a building so that it is aesthetically pleasing from the outside.
Grouping: Grouping means arranging various rooms in the layout in a manner so that all rooms are placed properly within the functions and proximity to each other.
Privacy: This is one of the most important principles in building planning, especially in residential buildings. Privacy can include elements within the building or privacy from neighboring buildings and public streets.
Circulations: This takes into account halls, lobbies, and passages to perform the function of circulation on a floor.

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